Mid Summers Day Sunset
2015 North coast Cornwall
Rake. 21,780 steps
1.6m tide

Public night walk
National Trust commission
2017 Shropshire Hills
1.5 km x 1 km

Experimenting with BIG Curves II
2013 North coast Cornwall
Rake. 15,821steps
1.7m tide

Half Moon
2023 North coast Cornwall
Rake. 23,064steps
1.2m tide

Zennor Pilgrim
2020. North coast Cornwall
Rake. 18,449 steps
0.2 m tide

Park Head
2023 North coast Cornwall
Rake. 20, 208 steps
1.8 m tide
Photo: John Hersey

A beach drawing which was seen by no more than 8 people at the time has now been screened to tens of thousands throughout Australia, NZ, Hong Kong, Europe and China.
Photo: @oceanfilmfestival
Audience of 2000, Auckland’s Civic Theatre

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