Whole Beach Drawing

Large scale. Time based

25+ years. Ongoing.


Some of these drawings have taken years to happen. Being in the right place, at the right time, ready to go, isn’t enough. Sand banks are re-sculpted twice a day by spinning weather systems on the other side of the planet, a shift in wind direction 2,000 miles away can change everything, from shape and surface texture, to the actual colour of the sand itself.

All of the drawings movement and balances have already been worked out through walking and working in sketchbooks before it’s time to step out onto the sand, it has to be like that because the tide will not wait. Through sketching comes an understanding of where areas of weight must be built into the landscape, how and when to open out or connect and balance¬†other areas, these issues are resolved through time spent walking, talking and sketching.

Understanding where viewing points are likely to be accessed is key, a¬†walker may well believe they have stumbled unexpectedly upon one of these drawings, but they haven’t. Each vantage point is intended to offer a very different experience to that gained from any other.

Whole Beach drawings are made by walking forward, into empty space, the drawing process itself takes place out of sight, behind, it remains, unprecious…