Night Walk and Moon Walks

Works made by walking through familiar landscapes at unfamiliar times

2000 – ongoing


Walking at night with the intention of making work began regularly at night around 2000 and remains ongoing. Shadows are strong and the light, once your eyes have adjusted, is spectacular. Senses are heightened which is perfect for drawing, painting, sketching, even whole beach drawings, it brings a sense of urgency to the drawing process, keeps it ’unprecious’.


Hardback sketchbooks can be clumsy things to carry. Over the years, especially whilst trying to travel light, heavy grade Arches paper, folded, like maps in a box is more practical, especially in windy locations (lost none for two years then 4 in 10 days) ! Since 2000, 150+ box drawings have travelled through Cornwall, Ireland, Bermuda, Indonesia, Australia, Croatia, Spain, France and Iceland.