Tony Plant  b. 1962 – Redruth, Cornwall, UK

Chelsea School of Art,. 1990

Tutor: Roger Ackling. Trevor Sutton


“Tony Plant is a site specific artist whose multi-disciplinary, ephemeral works and paintings are exhibited and recognized globally”. The Guardian Newspaper.


Tony Plant was born in Cornwall in 1962. He graduated from Chelsea College of Art in 1990 with a fine art painting degree and has been producing work across a diverse range of media ever since – from moving image to photography, from performance to painting, sculpture,  time lapse, temporary interventions and drawings in the landscape.

“A jagged line running through a work might be a pathway, either walked along or seen, a distant headland, shadows cast by rocks or marks made as the tides rise and fall. Angular spirals, like eddies of water, serve to marshal the viewer around the work, not allowing them to stay in one place for too long but holding them there for just long enough. The works, like landscapes, are to be wandered through.

These lines are also an attempt to rid the work of any sense of scale. Many are drawn at night when distance, scale and even time are far harder to distinguish. These night drawings often consist of the same forms being drawn over and over again, it is capturing the disparity in these repetitions that fascinate Plant”.    

Royal Cornwall Museum, 2016



Plant maintains an active international exhibition schedule. Recent commissions/residencies in Australia, Bermuda, Scotland, Indonesia and throughout Europe ensure his work is featured extensively across International  and National Media: the GuardianZeitCanal+ TV,  Guardian Weekend, thisiscolossalMy Modern Met Blog  Times etc. A highly successful solo painting show at Royal Cornwall Museum led into a big Commission in Spain, and a much anticipated crowd funded drawing trip to Iceland with adventure photographer Tim Nunn remains imminent.

He has worked as a visiting lecturer at many arts institutions and universities across the world, and has been involved in several workshops and mentoring schemes for emerging artists. His work has been shown at The ICA London, Riverside, Opera Australia, Ocean Film Festival, Cornwall Art Biennale etc.

Tony Plant is a ‘life long surfer” and surf photographer. He is an Ambassador for The Plastic Project and often works with NGO Surfers Against Sewage

Private Colections worldwide

Permanent Collection of Royal Cornwall Museum